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Welcome to ANP Consulting – where we empower change agents to implement transformative solutions, embodying the principle of being the change we wish to see in the world.

Creating A New Possibility 


ANP Consulting is dedicated to serving individuals, organizations, and communities striving to create a meaningful social impact, improving the social and economic conditions of marginalized communities.


  • Assist individuals seeking change in maximizing their innovative potential.

  • Provide clarity, guidance, and support to propel them towards impactful action


  • Offer organizational support to both established and newly formed entities.

  • Develop strategic plans that align with organizational goals and values.


  • Implement grassroots, culturally competent community development and engagement strategies.

  • Foster community empowerment through collaborative and inclusive approaches.


Strategic Planning

Utilize a human-centered, trauma-informed approach to strategy and visioning sessions. Facilitate the journey from being stuck to decisive action.

Program Development

Specialize in creating and implementing innovative program designs through collaborative partnerships.


ANP provides small and large group facilitation including third-party evaluation, grant review,  reporting, focus groups, community building. Also provides coaching services


ANP provides a variety of culturally competent, training, workshops, DEI, and design thinking sessions design thinking,  small business development, that are tailored to client needs.   


"At ANP Consulting, we believe in unlocking the potential for positive change. Our mission is to equip individuals, organizations, and communities with the tools and strategies they need to bring about transformation, particularly in the realms of economic and small business development. Through a commitment to action, we strive to foster new possibilities and drive impactful social and economic change."


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Nicole Parker, M.A.

Chief Strategist 

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